21 January 2012

Uneven Numbers and a lot of alcohol

Friday nights in Berlin usually equalled white wine, Spice Girls and an element of surprise with AnCa. So Friday I went to Vesterbro and AnCa to go see upcoming bands at Vega. Of course the highpoint was Ulige Numre performing 'København' - there's nothing like a pleasersong for the masses. With white wine and Club Mate (yes!) already circling in the blood, we mixed it up with some beer. And that's when things got a little blurry...

 On our way. We were one ticket short, and after having been told off by the people at the door, we decided to not give up without a fight. So we managed to talk some guys into selling their tickets and had a little auction going outside Vega supplying other people in need with tickets. And of course giving the guys tips to good places in Vesterbro to have a fun night, before we went inside loudly laughing.
 My new (weird) favourite look......

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