09 January 2012

London part three

Last bash from London.

 January 1st food at Sunday Up Market.
 Followed by coffee and cake at Albion. It rained all day and we were soaked, tired and a little hungover.
 So we rented 'Beauty and the Beast', bought lots of candy and Chinese food and curled up in Chris' room while the rain pounded down outside.
 January 2nd was the first sunny day, and it was beautiful as it shone through the windows at Liverpool Street station.
 We went to the Natural History Museum to check out dinosaurs. I didn't know it was located in a beautiful beautiful building...
 Mette and I catching a break (and a coffee) on the stairs...
 We couldn't leave London without having had fish'n'chips at a pub. So we did.
 On our way to Tate Modern, we came by St. Paul's Cathedral and went inside just in time for a choir performing. Outside the church, the Occupy London movement was holding the fort in their tents.
 Factory love at Tate.

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