04 January 2012

London part one

I've been to London before but never really liked it. To me it was just too polished, correct and boring. But I must have been all the wrong places, cause London is also raw, unpolished and full of beautiful old factory buildings... Chris moved there in October, and her apartment on Brick Lane was our little temple, when Mette, Iben, her and I didn't wander the streets looking at old windows, shopping, drinking coffee and having a blast!

 We were up at 4 am to fly to London the day before New Years. So when we finally arrived, we were hungry, tired and a little cranky. So we headed down to Albion, a really nice café/shop around the corner from Chris' apartment.
 And of course we had to have English breakfast! I'm a little disappointed that DK apparently sends all its best bacon to England...
 My window fetichism blossomed big time in London!
 The best company.
 The first coffee break at Brick Lane.
 Where I discovered flat whites; a stronger taste, milk and no annoying foam = KS is happy.
 And then we went shopping...!
 We walked and walked...
 And we came by this weird building in front of another building...?!
 In Topshop I came to the conclusion that Buffalos are not for me.
 ...and Mette and I grew tired of shopping....
...before we took the bus home just before midnight.

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