10 January 2012

5 things that make me happy

 My corner. I like the whiteness of the bookshelves, the beloved letters, the little house I found at a fleamarket in Berlin, my parents' old camera and the little green sign I picked up a very lovely day in Berlin.
 Getting the feeling in my stomach that it's spring. Even if I know I'm kidding myself, the light shining in through the office windows and the blue sky when I went home made me very happy.
 Making pizza just for myself. I'm in the north taking care of the house while my father and his wife are in Italy, and since my brother isn't home tonight, I made pizza and watch architecture programmes. The pizza is inspired by heavenly wonders in Berlin.

Trust - Candy Walls. It's so dark and sad that I can't help loving it. I like when music is melancholic, and his voice reminds me of Joy Division, wine, candle light and youth.

Active Child - High Priestess. Angelic voice, another sad song I feel like crawling into. It sounds like being in a white marble church filled with candles, and there's sorrow and joy all wrapped together.


Katrine said...

Helt præcis hvad er der på den lækre pizza? :)

karen sofie said...

Haha! Der er philadelphia rørt op med citron, søde kartoffelskiver, kartoffelskiver, frisk rosmarin, og så har jeg sprøjtet lidt honning rørt op i vand på, men man kan vist gøre det nemt for sig selv og røre det i philadelphiaen fra starten. Fandt jeg ud af bagefter :) Det er en vildt god pizz!