18 November 2013

A spontaneous weekend

Thursday afternoon I received following text from AnCa; "What would you say to a Berlin visit this weekend?" I jumped aboard, and the next morning I picked up AnCa from the u-bahn. We spent all Friday, Saturday and Sunday together in our grey city before she left for Copenhagen this morning. So lovely to be reunited with my old Berlin roomie. I love spontaneous things like that, especially when it's a much better alternative to a weekend in front of the assignment I don't want to write. So thanks for coming, and this time around I remembered to photograph!
 Ready to take on the city Friday, condom hat and all.
 After spending some money in Mitte, we met Cordula for coffee and a sweet treat at cake marvel Katie's Blue Cat (Friedelstr. 31, Neukölln). Yum.
 Saturday was cold, but AnCa had bought a new winter coat the day before and looked both sharp and incredibly Copenhagen-esque as we wandered around in Neukölln.
 Danish Rasmus and his wife took part of Restaurant Day and served barleyotto (risotto made of barley) out their Neukölln window. Shirin and AnCa had the savory version with pumpkin and cheese, and I had barley porridge with apple compote, salty caramel sauce and roasted nuts……!
 Afterwards, we went into Tempelhof for a foggy late afternoon walk.
 On Herrfurthplatz, we made it for the last hour of a little street market. We had hot chocolate and Indian food and spotted locals.
 Later, we managed to gather at least three different friend groups for a night of drinks and dancing at Ä (Weserstr. 40, Neukölln) and Fuchs & Elster (Weserstr. 207, Neukölln). We came home at 5.30 in the morning and it was just as it should be. (These photos were the most appropriate ones…)
Sunday was hangover day, and we tried to cure it with English breakfast vegetarian style at Saarbach (Sanderstr. 22, Neukölln). It helped a little, but I guess we were lost causes.
 So we headed to Friedrichshain in the hopes of finding some good vintage stuff at Boxhagener Platz fleamarket, but it was closed so instead we went for cakes and frizzy relief at Silo (Gabriel-Max-Str. 4, Friedrichshain).
 After a nap back in the apartment, we went back to our old hood in Kreuzberg for a galette at French wonder Manouche (Grimmstr. 23, Kreuzberg) along with a bunch of friends. It turned into a 'look-who-stopped-by', and our little table was crammed with several nationalities and languages. So nice.


Becca Waterloo said...

is that an abandoned airport???

karen sofie said...

It sure is :) It's Tempelhof airport, they turned it into a park some years ago. It's a great place.