23 November 2013

About borders and coffee

Last week I met Rasmus from Dönerkind (check out the website, it's cool!). He suggested we met at Leuchtstoff Kaffeebar on Siegfriedstr. 18 in Neukölln. On my way there, I discovered I had been in the area before. One time, I purposely got lost, and I had taken photos from the bridge going over the train tracks at Ilsestraße. And another time I had gone around there in the dark trying to find a party. I like discovering places and drawing lines on my inner map, connecting the city to itself, familiarizing myself with it. Also, the train tracks in that area mark the ringbahn that goes in a circle around the city. For all berliners, the ringbahn signifies the border of the city. You don't really live in Berlin if you live outside the ringbahn… When AnCa visited, we went to the café again, and we stood on that bridge photographing the tracks and looked over on the other side. "I don't know what is over there," one of us said looking over on the buildings that didn't look so different from the ones on our side. We both felt we were on the edge of the city, still safe behind the invisible fence that is the ringbahn. Berliners are crazy. I must go explore over there sometime. But in the meantime, if you're near, go have coffee at Leuchtstoff, it's so quirky, and the coffee is good.
 The whole place is strapped together by wooden things, and they even hung up a sofa… I chickened out and couldn't get myself to climb up there, but AnCa OK'ed it and said the view was alright.
 The area between my house and Siegfriedstraße is definitely also worth a trip. Rickardkiez is my new place to go exploring for sure...
I'm still hoping for a summer in one of these once. Just to camp out in the van and go wherever you want….

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