15 November 2013

Glimpses #7

I think I have forgotten my camera. Or maybe I'm just not as impressed with it as I thought I'd be. The fact is I keep forgetting to use it, and so I forget to photograph daily life and the glimpses that make out these days. I will have to do something about it.
 Saturday last week was Ervin's birthday party, and Cordula, Klaus and I warmed up in my house with a true Moscow Mule feast - complete with a Spice Girls soundtrack and some dancing.
The window sill in the living room has letters, lights and a little haus.
 Yesterday, I ran out of coffee beans, and I treated myself to some new ones from coffee heaven, also known as Five Elephant. Uhm, there will be a constant, pleasant coffee aroma in the house the next month as I write my assignment...
 Across from Five Elephant, there's a French bakery, and I have wanted to photograph the facade for months. So yesterday it was, and despite that left tree being in the way, I like the way it turned out.
And a final snap of my neighbourhood in some much needed sunlight.


Frederikke lemche said...

En stor tak for fantastisk læsning og inspiration! Studerer du i Berlin og i så fald, hvad læser du?

karen sofie said...

Frederikke: Tusind tak for dine fine ord, det er dejligt, du følger med :) Jeg er teknisk set stadig studerende på Journalisthøjskolen i Århus, jeg bor bare i Berlin, mens jeg skriver hovedopgave. Så jeg læser journalistik, men ikke på noget uni i Berlin, bare på Journalisthøjskolen :)