25 November 2013

Finally some sun!

Waking up this morning was a bliss. I wanted to keep on sleeping, but I forgot about that as soon as I peeked out of the window and saw a clear blue sky. After what seems like weeks with nothing but heavy clouds and greyness, it was a very welcome sunny day. I spent it at Melbourne Canteen (Pannierstr. 57, Neukölln) with my working crew, Swedes Johanna and Hanna. We had Australian brekkie, swapped ideas for stories and worked for a few hours before retiring to our kiez'. I can't tell you how great it feels to sit at my desk with the sun blasting in the living room. I haven't even turned on the light yet, and it's 15.30. More sun, please!
 On Saturday, I went for a walk with Cordula. The canal was grey and moist from the dusty rain showers. The city seemed hungover and not in the mood for anything.
 Sunday was the same. Weserstraße was quiet, so silent it felt nobody was breathing.
 And then came the sun. It was cold cold cold biking up to Pannierstraße, my eyes went watery, my cheeks were freezing, but I wore sunglasses for the first time since forever, and I remembered how much I appreciate sun when it's finally there.
 Flat white, poached egg and avocado on toast. A favourite.
 Pannierstraße in long shadows.
And my current view in the apartment. I must get around to remove the last boxes; it has been a month now...


Alexandra K. (shurupchik) said...

Sun is a rear guest here these days.

karen sofie said...

Alexandra: It is, so it's just the more amazing and appreciated once it peeps out of the clouds :)