26 November 2013

Cakes in the cold

It's really getting chilly. My phone died in my pocket today as I was walking up Sonnenallee. I forgot that it does that when it's cold; it had around 50% battery left but couldn't take it. I was meeting Jessica of Best Wishes From Berlin fame (check out the new and improved blog, soon there will be contributors from cities around the world!) at a little Japanese-French cake shop on Pannierstraße called Two and Two (Pannierstr. 6, Neukölln). It was a nice refuge from the cold, and inside it smelled sweet of freshly baked treats.
 The birds must have it cold up there….
 Outside, by the neighbouring shop there was this wooden throne. Quite a great place to sit in the summer I can imagine….
 Jessica had a very rich hot chocolate, I had coffee, and then we had a madeleine and a treat I have forgotten the name of. And I tried to wake up my phone but to no avail.
Because Jessica knows the owner, we got a madeleine to go, fresh out of the oven. Oh bliss.


The Coffee Talk said...

I always love to read your blog about Berlin - I miss Berlin so much ;) Keep posting up! (PS: i love every coffee pictures u took).


karen sofie said...

The Coffee Talk: Thank you, I'm happy you're enjoying the posts - and good news; I'm working on an entire post dedicated to coffee :)