13 November 2013

Chris in Berlin

Five days can seem like an eternity if you're waiting for something, and it can seem like a flash if you're having a good time. Chris' visit seemed like a flash and I wish she could have stayed longer. As we haven't lived in the same city since 2008, the time we spend together is highly valued, this time around was no exception.
We started out with Eggs Benedict and flat whites at Melbourne Canteen (Pannierstr. 57, Neukölln). I'm getting addicted to hearing that Australian accent...
 Later, we sat down at The Barn (Schönhauser Allee 8, Mitte) for another coffee.
We spent Friday afternoon at Sammlung Boros (Reinhardtstr. 20, Mitte). The old bunker turned food storage turned techno club turned modern art gallery was a very interesting place to visit. The art was also great, but it was definitely the bunker itself that was the biggest experience. The stories, the scars...
Saturday morning called for breakfast at Ringo (Sanderstr. 2, Neukölln), a tradition for us. I have been there so so so many times throughout the years in Berlin, and the street itself has a big importance to me. I like that Ringo hasn't changed one bit since I moved here more than three years ago where Chris introduced me to the place.
We went to Oranienstraße and Voo Store (Oranienstr. 24, Kreuzberg) where they have made a little coffee shop inside the store. Companion Coffee was a pleasant discovery - the long haired man served us glasses of water while he perfected our flat whites to go. I will definitely come back for more!
Next door to the store is Museum der Dinge / Museum of Things (Oranienstr. 25, Kreuzberg). Hidden in a backyard that took my breath away, the museum was very quaint with a fun collection of stuff from the 20th century. Some were beautiful, some were victims of Berlin's history, some were just fun. It's definitely worth a visit!
 Saturday night was spent at the roof bar (on top of Neukölln Arcaden) and Tier (Weserstr. 42, Neukölln) where we had splendid Moscow Mules in the candle light while we gossiped about people back home with Mikkel and Anne.
On Sunday, we met up with Mikkel and Anne again in their abode in Arkonaplatz. We hit the fleamarket, I swooned over old school maps, and Anne and Mikkel bought an old Danish sofa from the 1960s at a very good price. We waited forever for waffles at Kauf Dich Glücklich (Oderberger Str. 44, Prenzlauer Berg) and finished the day off with Vietnamese street food at District Mot (Rosenthaler Str. 62, Mitte).
For some reason, I didn't photograph anything the following two days, but they were mostly spent at home researching and working, drinking coffee, talking and watching movies. It's getting cold outside!


Fototosse said...

Utrolig skønne billeder!

karen sofie said...

Tak skal du have :)

Becca Waterloo said...

you two are so cute! you look like each other's sidekick! i love when my friends visited me abroad :)

karen sofie said...

Thanks Becca, I guess being best friends makes you each other's sidekicks :) Friends visiting is the best!