29 June 2012


Alright. No more complaining about zipcodes and things that once were. I'm having a cup of coffee right now in my sofa, the rain is pouring down, I helped some Japanese tourists dial a taxi on my way home from work and had a good talk with the people also waiting at the busstop (It's funny how people get more talkative when it's raining and the bus isn't showing...) It's weekend, and it's good. This is a little of what I did this week:
 A salesguy came by the office with two (!) half-metre long pieces of cake. He probably didn't know that we're only three people working at the magazine.....
 I met my mum for lunch at Palludan (Fiolstræde 10, Kbh K)
 I spent a night coming up with ideas for the magazine. Spent almost the entire time thinking about Berlin. Why is that?
 Stopped by Coffee Collective in Torvehallerne. God, I love their coffee.
 I saw a little blue in the sky. And looked at the old buildings around Fiolstræde.
 Went north to my old preschool to see the youngest brother 'graduate'.
 The oldest of the brothers had just washed his hair for the first time in a long time (!), and we teased him because it looked so soft and nice.
 Nørreport Station is barely standing any more...
The editor-in-chief brought licorice pipes one day as we were listening to old songs and laying out my rockabilly story. The paper was so right.
 Yesterday, we went out after work and ended up in a place with saddles at the bar...
The summer issue came today, and we ooh-ed and aah-ed. I can't believe my time at that place is ending in a few weeks...

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