03 June 2012

At day

 The last days have been all about Distortion: spending the daytime napping, having coffee with equally hungover friends and gearing up for night adventures.
 Tuesday morning I met up with two guys at Dyrehaven in Vesterbro for an interview between rain showers (Dyrehaven, Sønder Boulevard 72, Vesterbro)
 Thursday I made homemade ice coffee - I predict it will be essential this summer.
 Saturday I met Kirstine and AnCa for some coffee in Coffee Collective (Jægersborggade 10, Nørrebro)
 Tried a little something with my phone... Scary.
Moscow Mule in the evening sun before yet another night out.
 Kødbyen, early morning.
 On the way home...
Today I nursed my hungover body at the Nameless coffeeshop at Enghave Plads with Mette, Iben and Chris.

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