10 June 2012

On the run

I've had some busy last days with trains, hotels and pinching shoes. On Wednesday, I had takeout from Manfreds in Jægersborggade with AnCa.
 We started making beads...
 Thursday, I went 1st class in the train with the art director. We didn't have the ticket, but they didn't mind and they gave us little sandwiches and free coffee.
 The next morning I waited an hour in a small station for the train to take me to Aarhus. I listened to music and tried to numb the pain in my feet from pinching shoes.
 When I came to Aarhus, I couldn't walk and I bought a new pair of shoes to help my aching feet.
 I had coffee with Kathrine beneath the books in Sigfreds Kaffebar (Ryesgade 3)
 When we walked down towards friends and a party, the sun came out for the first time in a long time. Aarhus isn't that bad in evening sun...
Before taking the train back to Copenhagen, we went brunching. And I discovered I don't dislike brie anymore...

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