18 June 2012

Week glimpses

The weekend's been busy. I was all over the place on Saturday covering the rockabilly event, and I didn't come home until 4 in the morning when I drove through the rainy city in a cab and almost forgot my phone in the car and had to run down the street after the driver to get it back... Sunday, I met with Kristiane, we went to see my brother's exhibition in his atelier and had dinner at Lyst. Later, I curled up in my bed and watched a movie before giving in to the sleep. Apparently I needed it so much it made me oversleep this morning making me late for work...
 On Wednesday, I had dinner with Bettina. We were so full we decided to walk from Mitte to Østerbro for an ice cream.
 Two scoops.... I'd say four. I only finished about 1/3.
 On Friday, I went with the office to an award show at the city hall. I'd never been there before, but the building is beautiful. The magazine shamelessly didn't win anything, so we went out and got beers insted. At city hall, they served us the famous 'rådhuspandekager'. They weren't so impressive.
At city hall, the art director bought tickets for us to see the 'world clock'. Beautiful. It took them almost half a century to build it.
 Sunday morning breakfast. One of my favourite things in the world.
 Walked past Stefanskirken on my way to the atelier. I like that they're celebrating gay marriage like this. The colours - and statement - are beautiful.
The brother was so proud as he gave us a tour of his atelier, showing off his work and talking about all the dreams they have there. It was stunning.
 At Lyst (Jægersborggade 56, Nørrebro), I had a chèvre chaud salad. I'm getting the hots for that dish!
 Later, I could hear the score of the football match from the open window. Too bad, DK.
 Today, we proofread the summer issue. It's going to be so great!
 Later, I met AnCa for an ice coffee at Din Nye Ven (Sankt Peders Stræde 34, Kbh K) where we made exciting plans for the summer, and I got very jealous - she's going to Berlin tonight.


Ida said...

Mmm icecoffee, dem drikker jeg også mange af for tiden! Bare ikke på smarte cafeer, desværre ;o)
Det lyder som nogle dejlige dage.

karen sofie said...

Iskaffe smager altså også ganske udmærket, når man laver den selv :)

Anonymous said...

Dejlige billeder! Og så er jeg vild med det gule krus, sådan et mangler jeg i min samling (selvom kæresten mener, jeg har alt for mange...)
Vil glæde mig til næste togtur og et nyt ud&se :)

karen sofie said...

Tak :) Jeg tror ikke, man kan have for mange af de farvede krus. Jeg har 5 (tror jeg), og det er alt for lidt :)
Åh, dejligt at høre med Ud&Se - juninummeret er nu heller ikke skidt!