14 June 2012


The last few days have been busy. Mostly inside my head. Copenhagen is slowly coming to an end for me, and it's given me a lot to think about. Mostly, I'd just like to pack my bags and go around the world hunting adventures, but there's always responsible things to do...
 One of my favourite things on weekends is breakfast. Slow coffee, good bread and fruit. Yes.
 This week, I had this year's first Danish strawberries. They were so good.
 At work, we did some 'graffiti' in the courtyard...
 The summer issue is coming along.
 Tuesday, I attended a weird press meeting at the Hauptbahnhof. Distanced celebrities hidden behind black leather jackets and sunglasses (could it be more cliché?) and photographers that found themselves too good to do such a small event... It was interesting to watch.
 Despite degrees rarely climbing over 15, I've fired up the ice coffee lots this week.
 My new shoes were alotted some time on the town as I met Kristiane for dinner Tuesday night.
I've been busy coming up with ideas for the next issue of the magazine. The heavy thinking didn't do well for the creativity...
 I was so distraught that I had to go for a walk yesterday to clear my head. Luckily, help was only a phone call and some time by the lakes away.
 And I got to see places of the city I'd never come across before...
Today we made the good coffee at work.
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