26 August 2013

A Sunday at Arkonaplatz

My weekend has been spent quietly panicking at home about job, house and school, so when Iben and Ulrik came to town and asked me to meet them at the Arkonaplatz flohmarkt yesterday, I jumped on the bike as quickly as possible. We also met up with Anne and Mikkel who recently moved to Berlin, and I enjoyed the afternoon at the market followed by an hour on the grass beneath the sun, talking and laughing. More of that, please.
On Friday, someone had left two books in Danish on my doorstep. I don't presume they were for me exactly, but it was a nice little surprise, and I happily picked them up. Now I have two more books to enjoy as the fall approaches.
Friday was also the day where I celebrated my one month re-anniversary with Berlin by going all the way to the West to fill out more paperwork in the hopes of one day ending up with an apartment in this place...
Friday night I was supposed to meet some friends at Klunkerkranich, but the line was so long that I gave up and went home. At least I got to see the beautiful sundown over the rooftops from the back of the line...
On the way to the flohmarkt on Sunday we came by this little thing at the RAW entrance on Warschauer Straße. The little booth was very un-Danish with German schlager-music blasting out, but I guess soft-ice is a Danish thing now?
 The crew in Arkonaplatz.
On my way home I walked over the Warschauer Brücke where the industrial view is kind of nice.
I picked up this yellow lady from the fleamarket. I guess I hoped it would bring me inspiration for my school assignment, being the old-fashioned journalistic tool and all, but the inspiration is still missing. I like looking at it, though.

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