20 August 2013


I spent Sunday in Prenzlauer Berg. First, I circled the Arkonaplatz fleamarket with Anne, Melissa and Cordula. The two latter spent a good portion of time hunting through the jewellery boxes, and I swooned over the booth with old school maps and letters (when I'm rich....!) Later, we had sushi at Zionkirchplatz and strolled down Kastanienallee before I went apartment looking with Nina. Afterwards, we took the M1 to Central Kino at Hackescher Markt to see 'Frances Ha' - which I can happily recommend. What a great weekend!
 Yum yum yum.
The Sunday people were busy at Glücklich am Park.


Becca Waterloo said...

Love all the colors in those booth pictures!


karen sofie said...

Yeah, it's a true feast for the eyes :)

Hanna said...

lovely photos!
can't wait to visit all the european markets next year :D

karen sofie said...

Hanna: Yeah! Are you coming by Berlin?

Anonymous said...

When I see the picture of the sushis, I can hear you saying "hello lovers"

karen sofie said...

Haha, Sophie! I believe I actually did say that on Sunday as well - I hadn't had sushi since Montreal (oh bless that sushi place on Bernard!) so it was long overdue pleasure ;)