12 August 2013


Oh, it's good here. I'm thoroughly enjoying life in Berlin. Meeting old friends, meeting new friends, revisiting familiar places, discovering new places. My weekend was good, despite being attacked by a cold... Oh well, you can't have it all.
 On Tuesday (yes, not all weekend) the roomies and I wanted to see jazz at Edelweiß, but it was so humid we retreated to our kitchen for some drinks and talking while it finally stormed and thundered outside.
 The other day, the sundown was golden, one of those nights where you can't really believe the light can be like that... Tanja and I hung out the windows and photographed.
 I met Nina for a coffee at KaffeeBar (Graefestraße 8, Kreuzberg). I like how so many new places have popped up in that street that used to be my hood...
 Nina modelled for me in her courtyard - in the blanket I turned into a cape for her in December...
 We drove down to Bully's (Friedelstraße 7, Neukölln) for the day's second coffee.
I spent Friday night working....
 On Saturday I went to Klunkerkranich (on top of Neukölln Arcaden) to meet Melissa who's on a spontaneous visit from Copenhagen. We got caught in a rainshower, but when the sun burst out again, Tanja came to join us on the roof.
 That place is magical.
I was supposed to go to a party Saturday night but was surprised by the cold and a dizzy-spell, so Tanja and I went for a chocolate fix instead - something Tanja was very happy about...
On Sunday, we sent Tanja back to Switzerland, and Cordula and I went for brunch at Nest (Görlitzer Straße 52, Kreuzberg) - so good.
I spent Sunday afternoon in bed with John Steinbeck and roasted almonds.

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