28 August 2013


I snap several photos a day, mostly on my iPhone. Lots of those photos end up on my Instagram account, but most of them never get to see the day. Here are some of the glimpses that make up my days; places I go and things I see.
 Two Sundays ago I went apartment looking and saw this little scenario in Prenzlauer Berg.
 That Sunday I went to the movies with Nina in Hackesche Höfe.
 I snapped a photo of Melissa the next day, right before she left for Denmark.
 The view from my kitchen window. I like the shades of yellow mixes with the red chimneys.
 I'm looking out the window at Salon Schmück.
On Wednesday, I had coffee with Adam in Okerstraße.
 I met Nina and her mother for coffee in Reuterkiez after yet another apartment viewing.
 One of the spätis on Wrangelstraße. I like the piles of beer crates.
 On Friday I went to get my Schufa done, and this fine sign greeted me when I came up from the u-bahn at Wilmersdorfer Straße.
On Monday I crossed the park to get my coffee fix at Five Elephant (oh, so good!) and I came by this purple-roofed van. God I love them, and they're everywhere here!

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