19 August 2013


Oh my, what an amazing weekend. Despite spending my Saturday in bed with a massive hangover, I haven't had such a good weekend in a long time. Friday involved alcohol, lots of kissing and serious fun times. It started at the roof bar where Melissa and I jumped the line and drank for free because we know the owner (dangerous). Later, we headed to Fuchs & Elster where we made new friends. Some of us went on to an unspecified bar in Sonnenallee before retreating around 8am when the sun was shining again, and the roommates were starting their day. Crazy night, great night.
 Love that space!
 Fill played cool behind the bar and mixed us some strong drinks...


Nana said...

Nøj hvor tarveligt - jeg fortryder efterhånden VIRKELIG meget, at jeg ikke nåede hen til jer!

karen sofie said...

Hehe, ja du gik glip af en virkelig virkelig sjov aften! Men hey, det gjorde jeg vist også med Berghain...?