08 August 2013


It's been almost two years since my father and his wife bought a house in Italy. But this summer was my first visit to the yellow house on the hill. And it was magnificent. The view from the house is absolutely breathtaking, and I got a slice of the childhood feeling of spending summers in Italy. Mmm... Fresh bread and goat's cheese, fruits from the garden and that dry heat. It's so good.
 How can you not love waking up to this and see the colours change with the daylight?
 Mmmm, that cheese furthest down was addictive.
There were apricots and figs in the garden.
We spent nights playing cards and drinking wine on the terrace (while the mosquitos slowly ate us up....) - here, my brother is tired of waiting his turn, and my father has one of his epic laughing fits.
I only ventured into the little village once, but the houses there were beautiful.


Ida Rud said...

Åh, sikke et sted!

Jeg har kun været en enkelt gang i Italien, og følelsen af at høre hjemme har aldrig været så stor... alligevel har jeg svært ved at se mig selv bo for alvor i Italien, men et lille terracottafarvet hus? Oh my...

Becca Waterloo said...

you are so lucky to have this at your fingertips, what an amazing culture in your family. so jealous!



karen sofie said...

Ida: Man kan jo altid bruge lidt sydsol - har du set 'Under The Tuscan Sun'?

Becca: I really do feel lucky, it was absolutely amazing. I never thought we'd have this in our family :)

Cattail Down said...

Such awesome pictures!!!!


karen sofie said...

Cattail Down: Thank you :)

h i l i a said...

I have spent the whole morning checking your blog and your amazing photos. They are great and also your own comments about bits and pieces of your life.

Great job!

karen sofie said...

Hilia: Thank you so much :) And welcome to the page! Have a good weekend :)

Ida Rud said...

Nej, det har jeg ikke, men jeg tjekker den ud asap!


Lorenzo said...

Hi! I am Lorenzo Trabucco. 26years old architect!
I am very happy to read your comments about my village, where I live!!!!!
I think it is a beautiful place to spend your holidays!We can work more to show you how many fantastic places we have around!!!

if you want to contact me for any need this is my email address:

P.s. 1st day of Septmeber we celebrate the main Saint and it is a very nice time to be here in Civitaquana

Best regards


karen sofie said...

Hi Lorenzo,

Thank you for commenting! I really like spending time in Civitaquana and will again soon. I'll write you when I go back :) Would be fun to see some local hidden gems.
Be well until then.