17 January 2014

A week of coffee dates

I've managed to fill this week with lots of coffee and lovely ladies.
First off was Ida at Concierge Coffee in Kreuzberg. Hidden in a Paul-Lincke-Ufer backyard (no. 39-40), Concierge is merely a little window in a facade. Inside are two seats, which was where we planted ourselves for a long talk and some hefty laughing.
The coffee, made by a schnurrbart man, was very good and came in these cute blue cups.
Later that day, I met up with Nina for a long overdue catching up at Bully's Bakery (Friedelstr. 7, Neukölln). It was so good to see her!
On Thursday, I was so lucky that Karoline was in town for a fashion week visit. She moved to Hamburg in the fall, and we had a blast at The Barn's lovely roastery shop in Mitte (Schönhauser Allee 8). The windows are to die for, and so is of course the coffee.
Plus, Karoline treated me to the second flat white and a piece of lush carrot cake. Yum!
Today, I headed down to Leuchtstoff (Siegfriedstr. 18, Neukölln) to meet Caroline. We had flat whites and indulged in the café's sinfully good croissants. What a great coffee week!

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A schnurrbart man.