07 January 2014

Back in Berlin

I came back to Berlin on the 2nd, and I've already had this year's first visitor. Jonas celebrated New Years in Berlin and we had a few days together in the city before he had to go back to Copenhagen.
 On Friday, we had drinks at Vater Bar (Reuterstr. 27, Neukölln) before ending up in a strange bodega with young Germans wearing basketball jerseys and a frisky bar madam. The night ended at Sux in Weserstraße and a cloud of smoke.
"You should photoshop in an object between my legs", he said. I think the photo speaks loud enough on its own.
 Asbjørn was there, too, and he told stories about his autumn in Argentina!
 The following night we went to The Black Lodge, a Twin Peaks themed bar in my favourite street, Sanderstraße, where there were lots of Danes. And Pablo and Anna came by for drinks and funny stories.
Jonas looked good in front of a Sonnenallee wall on our way to brekkie at Melbourne Canteen on Sunday.
After two weeks on the move, it has been so good coming home to my own place. I've had long breakfasts and enjoyed the flowers left over by my New Years guests. Plus, today I succesfully poached my first egg - it feels like winning a gold medal!
Oh, and Cordula and I indulged in lavish cakes at a Oranienstraße cake shop the other day. So so good (and good to see C again!)

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