04 January 2014

New Year

I spent my New Year in Copenhagen. We have a new tradition, my friends and I, to meet every 31st of December for brunch with champagne. It's such a great tradition, I think, and this year was no exception. Later, I headed over to Chris' for homemade sushi, more champagne, drinks and Abba-songs before ending the night at a friend's house in Nørrebro with AnCa.
 Kat's apartment is so fine with Scandi furniture and neon splashes.
What a feast!
 Chris and Iben carefully making sushi while listening to the queen's New Year speech. Tradition!
As it was only us three girls, there was plenty and plenty of food...!
 We shut off all the light and stood for a long time and drank champagne and looked at fireworks.
January 1st was a quiet day and Vesterbrogade was silent as I went over to Kat's for a hangover day with homemade pizza, pick'n'mix candy, bubbles and TV. The day was topped off with Lars von Trier's 'Nymphomaniac' in the cinema with Chris. What a movie! But a great one, and although it's 4 stiff hours long, I highly recommend it.
On January 2nd I had brunch with AnCa before taking the bus back to Berlin. Such nice two weeks in Denmark!

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Mara said...

In desperate need of Kat's furniture ! ;)