14 January 2014

Daily life in colour

I try and fill my days with exciting things; meeting friends, exploring the city, drinking coffee, and the likes of it, but daily life is really grey too. I guess I'm bored. Starting a new assignment isn't really that glamourous, and I worry about times ahead all the while I miss having something to do. Note to self; do something. Here are some of the things that have made recent days colourful;
Last Tuesday, it was Cordula's turn to celebrate her 26th birthday. We all gathered in her little kitchen to have raclette, be loud and drink wine. It was great!
Ruben accompanied us on trumpet when we sang the birthday song and it was very cool. I was the only non-German at the party which was a fun experience!
On Thursday, I met Elisa for cheesecake and flat white at Five Elephant (Reichenberger Str. 101, Kreuzberg). I was approached by the sweetest Danish girl who thanked me for my Berlin guide in Politiken, and I was flattered and blushed beyond reason. Later, I met Cordula and her friends for a pub quiz at Sameheads, but the photos won't upload well (anyone else finding uploading photos to blogger to worsen the photo quality?)
On Sunday, I returned to Five Elephant to meet the lovely Ida. We talked for hours about Berlin, men, journalism and other goodies, and it was such a nice (and sunny!) afternoon.
On our walk back to Neukölln, we came by this old truck. I love them.
Yesterday, I snapped this one on Weserstraße. I like how the books are almost too heavy for the tables.
Today, I am trying to work. Really, I'm having a croissant and coffee in bed and thinking about things.


Becca Waterloo said...


karen sofie said...

Becca; It's DIVINE!

Ida Rud said...

Du er for sød.
Glæder mig til kaffe i morgen.

teaktrayweekdays said...

kjempefint det siste bildet der!

teaktrayweekdays said...

det crossaint bildet er superfint!

karen sofie said...

Ida; Endnu en gang tak for hyggelig kaffesnak!

Teaktrayweekdays; Haha, tak!

Mara said...

Need some cheesecake. NOW.