02 January 2014

Coffee / Kaffee - a collaboration

A few months back, I did a post with Chicago blogger Oolretaw. We have never met, but sent each other photos of our respective cities, and I quite liked the result, getting a glimpse of another city and pointing out similarities across borders. Oolretaw and I also share a love for coffee, so why not do another little collaboration? I sure do want to explore Chicago's coffee spots after reading her recommendations...!
COPENHAGEN: This is my favourite place to have coffee in Copenhagen. I lived a few streets away from the small basement shop, and it was a most lavish indulgence whenever I'd treat myself to a 38 DKK coffee (€5!). Plus, they have the heavy croissants from Meyer's Bageri across the street that will butter up your insides like they've never been buttered before… 
Coffee Collective, Jægersborggade 10, Nørrebro, Copenhagen

CHICAGO: For this assignment I decided to try one new place I hadn't been to before, so I chose Lovely, A Bake Shop, which smelled of delicious garlic and savory quiches the second I walked in. I decided to get a croissant to go easy on my stomach, and having been unable to find a croissant as good as they are in France, I was so happy this one was on par with my European pastry standards. I also noticed their sign on the wall saying they 'now serve Ipsento coffee'! I gushed over their roaster choice with the employee there. The environment is huge and extremely well lit. I enjoyed reading my book for a while and pitched in an extra 50 cent for my refill.
Lovely, A Bake Shop, 1130 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago
BERLIN: As a journalist working mostly from home, I make myself a pot of coffee every day. In Montreal, I was blessed with an espresso machine that I almost had a relationship with. I miss it every day. Here in Berlin, I have my French press, an espresso maker and a filter version. I dream of having an aeropress, and I have pledged to myself that the day I get an actual grown-up job, I will treat myself to a real espresso machine. 
Beans from Five Elephant, Reichenberger Straße 101, Kreuzberg, Berlin

CHICAGO: Oh, oh, Heritage. Half bike shop, half coffee shop, this place always has such a soft spot in my heart. The drip over coffee is to die for (they serve Stumptown from Portland, OR) and Glazed and Infused donuts. It's such an adorable place to peruse around, in their giftshop mostly. They hand craft all of their bikes which are well out of my price range. This will always be one of my absolute Chicago favorites!
Heritage Bicycles, 2959 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago
BERLIN: I used to be a latte drinker, but since my summer vacation in Italy where my dad and I would sip cortados (in Italy, it's a shot of espresso with a pinch of milk) at the counter in every gas station we'd pitstop at, I have wanted my coffee stronger and with less milk. At Melbourne Canteen, the australians serve up the perfect flat white; strong, slightly milky, and most importantly without that ridiculous foam.
Melbourne Canteen, Pannierstraße 57, Neukölln, Berlin

CHICAGO: I've discovered La Colombe Torrefaction through my new work location in the west loop. They are right across the street from Starbucks, which makes me happy when I pass it by to head to La Colombe. La Colombe's idea of getting rid of all the CDs, merchandise, sandwiches, syryps, add-ons etc, are what makes the place simple and there for what you want: Coffee. It's always a fun relaxing place to visit.
La Colombe Torrefaction, 955 W Randolph Str, Chicago
BERLIN: When I lived in Berlin last time (2010-2011), berliners didn't know how to make a good coffee. The foam was too frothy and took up half the glas (!), the milk was weird, and the taste just disappointing. During my two years' absence, the berliners have learned something about coffee. The Barn is probably the best place to go, they almost sing to the coffee, so passionate are they. And it pays off so much!
The Barn, Schönhauser Allee 8 + Auguststraße 58, Mitte, Berlin

CHICAGO: Moving to my current apartment location I was so spoiled to be two blocks away from my favorite coffee shop now in the city, Ipsento. The baristas are so nice and charismatic, and I am lucky when I walk in during the morning while they're roasting their beans. I spent many nights there studying and summer days blogging. They take such great care crafting their drinks and coming up with new unique recipes. They've set the bar high for me now. I've also gifted just about everyone with their beans this Christmas. If you haven't been, you MUST go!
Ipsento, 2035 N Western Ave, Chicago
BERLIN: Coffee to me is an essential everyday luxury. I will walk far for a good coffee, and I'll enjoy it immensely all the way back. I've had coffeegasms in my life; those rare but truly amazing coffee moments where time stops, and you just have to surrender to magic. I can remember exactly where I've been the times it's happened. 
Tischendorf, Friedelstraße 25, Neukölln, Berlin

CHICAGO: Gaslight is a well decorated and comfortable (for some) place to visit for a breakfast and cup of coffee. I like spending more time here to get work done as it's a quiet environment full of wooden benches, tables, and lots of light. I always feel super productive there, and it's in the area I'd like to live next. I always recommend this place for a rustic, hipster visit for coffee!
Gaslight Coffee Roasters, 2385 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago


Karoline said...

Oh - I love the little coffee guide - swap - great places ! Want to go to Chicago straight away - more of this :) hej hej

petal and plume said...

this collaborations is amazing, and i have fallen in love with your blog!

karen sofie said...

Karoline: Me too, I really want to go to Chicago :) And I'm happy you like to collar!

Petal and Plume: Thanks, and welcome! Hopefully, there will be more collaborations along the way :)