25 January 2014

Polar tendencies

Oh my god, it's so cold! One thing is the snow which I can live with (for a few days, that is), but another thing is the degrees. Oooohhhh... Living in an old apartment means being wrapped in blankets whenever I'm sitting still. It gets tiresome after a while. Other than that, life is good. My spirits are up again, and I enjoy life in the igloo.
On Friday, I had breakfast with Shirin and Max at Melbourne Canteen (Pannierstr. 57, Neukölln). Honestly, it's getting to the point where the amount of time I spend at that place is becoming a cliché. But I guess since there are no other decent breakfast spots in my area, I will just keep coming back again and again. Plus, it was such a nice way to initiate the weekend with those two!
I love these späti facades.
Friday afternoon was spent in front of the computer trying to get some things done. On my way home from the breakfast thing I bought flowers - something I  n e v e r  do, but I enjoy them immensely.
Friday night was spent in Wedding at Pablo's birthday. It was such a fun place! I had brought Esben and Nana, and we couldn't belive we'd wound up in the basement of a true Berlin knejpe where they happened to have 4 really old school bowling lanes. It was so old school that the pins were picked up by strings...
Today, the sun has been shining so lovely all day. What a vitamin injection! I dared to go out in the cold to do some shopping, and despite my ears freezing off I enjoyed the weather and this part of town. Berlin, I'm starting to come back to you.


Anna said...

hey- what was the kneipe in wedding called or do you remember where it was?

karen sofie said...

Anna; It was called Keglerklause, definitely worth a visit, even just for its old-fashioned-ness - http://www.hierberlin.de/index.php?site=gastro_detail&gew_ID=63