05 August 2011


Chris and I made pasta last night. The sky turned grey and rainy while the water was boiling on her stove, and some Italian guys living upstairs gave us homemade cookies fresh from the oven. Copenhagen is covered in clouds, the sun has apparently left the city to go shine on someone else, and I think it's a shame. I keep looking for things to add to my list of things that are good about having moved back to the city. So far I have only come up with one more thing since last time around; that there are baskets available in the supermarkets. Big mistake, Berlin. Used cardboardboxes - or walking around Netto carrying 26 different items in your hands is not OK. I'm open to more suggestions to add to the list. This is what I have so far:

- Friends.
- Fiskefrikadeller. Hard to explain. Blended fish made to balls fried on a pan. Good.
- That I can see all videos on youtube.
- That I can watch DR on my computer.
- That windows open outwards. I interviewed an architect in Berlin who went crazy with joy when he talked about Scandinavian windows that open outwards - "It looks like the buildings are talking to each other!"
- Lesser foam on a latte, and that 'macchiato' is something that sounds ridiculous.
- NEW! Baskets in supermarkets. See above.

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