07 August 2011

Stella Polaris

My morning started in Snekkersten in the north in my father's house. It was raining terribly, and I could barely see Sweden on the other side of the water. Later we went apartment hunting in a more sunny Copenhagen and saw 5 (!) - interesting. When the shadows grew long, I biked towards Statens Museum for Kunst where they held Stella Polaris for the 11th time in Copenhagen - a one day chill out event in Østre Anlæg, the nice little park next to the museum. It's free, and it always attracts thousands of people sitting on blankets drinking beer. This year was no exception.

 Normally I can see Sweden in the distance (the land you see is Helsingør), but the disappointing weather didn't allow it.
 Moby played a rather boring set. Only acoustics, and people started to slowly fall asleep around us...

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miss swiss heidi said...

Love the sun and the sky in the photos! That's one the the North has best ^__^