13 August 2011

Cheap beers and Nørrebro

A bad habit of mine is always trying to gather all my different groups of friends at the same time. Which I rarely manage to do, but yesterday I pulled it off. Started in Vesterbro with Chris and Kathrine (whom I know from pre and high school) where we drank wine before we headed to Nørrebro to meet with Jonas, Christoffer, Nynne and Asbjørn from journalism school at Harbo Bar in Blågårdsgade. Which is actually a really nice street. After having been away from Copenhagen for three years, I've discovered that Nørrebro is pretty cool... Dare I say it? Is Vesterbro not as cool as before? ... After a drunk old guy showered us ladies with rather disgusting compliments, we went to Rantzausgade to a small atelier/gallery, where Mette and Sabrina (pre school) were serenaded on guitar by a bunch of art types. We had beers and listened to the same mix of music before heading back to Vesterbro and a pizza slice in Istedgade. A typical Friday night in Copenhagen. Luckily with a lot of the good people I've missed while I've been away. Maybe I manage to gather even more next time?

 The atelier had a toilet in the courtyard. It smelled like a highway toilet and looked like one too. Kat and I chose not to pee in this one...
 Instead we chose the one next door and found a roll of cotton pads to use as toiletpaper.

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