12 August 2011


(The photo is from Ä in Weserstraße sometime, but with a weekend filled up with plans I hope to encounter such a drink at some point...)
All the rain and go-into-myself-mode makes my soundtrack pretty folky these days. It just seems more fitting to think of men playing guitar into your ears in their old flannel shirts with a frizzy beard and dirty jeans when it's raining... These are songs that make my bike ride across town at 7,30 in the morning so much better:
Chimes & Bells; Stand Still
Robin Pecknold (from Fleet Foxes); Where Is My Wild Rose? ( 1:54)
The Tallest Man On Earth; Lion's Heart
Fleet Foxes; Mykonos (also check out their studio version of Baez' 'Silver Dagger'....!)

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