14 August 2011

Sunday Morning

I am really enjoying this right now. In Berlin I could throw myself a Sunday morning practically every day, but working double as many hours in Copenhagen as well as managing a busy weekend schedule hasn't allowed me to have a slow morning. Until today. Very fittingly on a Sunday. My hair's a mess, I went out drinking yesterday for the second time this weekend, but everything's perfect. I have three hours before I have to go somewhere. Velvet Underground is serenading me, and I have coffee, a perfectly boiled egg and yogurt with nectarines and sunflower seeds in my stomach. Gooooodmorning!

I found this little French press coffee thing in the back of the kitchen = perfect for just one cup.


Anonymous said...

Oh sådan nogle morgener er bare bedst!

MichelleBach said...

Langsomme morgener er guld værd! Elsker i øvrigt Velvet Underground's Sunday Morning.