18 July 2012

5am, 5pm

 I was up very early today; 5am. Although the sky wasn't all friendly, the morning light was yellow and bright, and the day was mostly very beautiful. I spent the first part on a train working, the latter was spent packing my things in the apartment. It took four hours, and then my whole life was back in boxes. And the sky had changed, turning more and more grey and heavy. Now it's raining.


miss swiss heidi said...

I dont understand why it is almost always sunny around 6am. There's always the most lovely, warm light then... and then by the time I get out, it's normally over cast >.< miu.

I hope your move is going well! xx Heidi

karen sofie said...

I know, it's strange. And frustrating at times :)
Thanks SO much for the tips by email. Can't wait to see Belgrade now, and please thank Vanja a million times!