16 July 2012

Berlin Soundtrack #4: Grizzly Bear

In July 2010, right before I moved to Berlin, I bought Grizzly Bear's 'Veckatimest'. At first, I listened to it in my father's house when I sat on the balcony watching the sea, feeling the sun on my skin. I listened to it in the car when I said goodbye to Denmark and drove to Berlin. I listened to it the first few weeks when I biked around in the heat taking in all the new things, making the album the soundtrack of the summer city as I fell in love with it. Now I started listening to the album again, and it still amazes me how music can transfer you from one place in time to another. When I listen to the beautiful songs, it's like being back in the summer, in the haze of strong and passionate love to Berlin, to the dark nights with drinks. Ahh, it's good.

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