31 July 2012

Eastern Europe chapter 1: Budapest

So. I'm back in Copenhagen after 10 absolutely adventurous days. Seeing Eastern Europe was so much fun and I wish we had much more time to explore. But the trip was a perfect concentrate of fun, chaos, craziness, friendliness, kissing and adventure. Here goes:
 Our train from Copenhagen was delayed and we didn't catch our connection to Dresden. So with a slight change of plans we found ourselves in München at 23.30 - all ready for the night train taking us to Budapest.
 After a night of practically no sleep we arrived in Budapest around 6 in the morning. I have looked better.....
 Having no clue of where to stay we bought our first coffee and sat down in a very 90s internet café with loud techno booming and tried to find out what choices we had.
 After having been cheated by our taxi driver (of course!) and having found our hostel in an old USSR-government building in Buda, we embarked on our first day in the city. We were tired but happy and so ready for adventure.
 Breakfast was this strange roll with chestnut cream inside that I bought at a bakery.... Dry, but necessary.
 We crossed this beautiful bridge to Pest and looked at the water and the city's beautiful old trams.
 My building/window fetichism was heavily tickled. The city is very beautful with tall, majestic buildings.
 We passed by a little alley and decided to go in. Inside was this old arcade where the stores were shut down. Inside the walls were covered with small ads for what we decided must have been either a secret club or a brothel, but we never got it checked out.....
 We were amazed by the currency. A cup of coffee cost around 300!
Down by the water was the impressive parliament building. After having been slightly disappointed by the city's tourism level and polished appearance - we had thought Eastern Europe was all about run-down buildings and authentic gems - we took a stroll by the water before having dinner, looking out on the city.
 We had Hungarian dinner - lots of paprika - before going out. We luckily found an area in Pest full of bars and people and our impression of the city improved remarkably.
We saw a concert with an insane violinist and found ourselves in the midst of backpacker nation, young drunk people and festivity. Had we not been so tired we'd probably gone crazy AnCa+KS style, but we did a little bar hopping, had a few beers and talked to some fun people before calling it a night around 3am.

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