22 July 2012

The trip of my life: Guestblogger #1 Petra Kleis

Alright. So while I'm rambling around Eastern Europe, the blog will feature some of my favourite bloggers who've been so sweet as to share their most memorable holiday memories. First off is Petra Kleis. I know her from work where she (beautifully) photographed the series 'animal of the month'. We immediately bonded over our shared love for Berlin - Petra's been living 20 doors from my old Kreuzberg home all up until the end of June when she had to return to Copenhagen and the mother land - as heartbroken from leaving Berlin as I. Petra is a super gifted photographer, a little crazy and full of funny stories. I present; Petra Kleis!

My cousin's wedding in Canada is very special to me. It was such a different experience - and it was a bit of a relief to see that you don't have to spend €100,000 on a wedding to make it fantastic and unforgettable! I didn't see much of Canada, but the bit I saw was fascinating; raw, wild and very beautiful. It was my first time in Canada. My friend Molly and I flew to Montreal where we were picked up and driven for an hour or so to where my cousin was getting married. Little did I know what an experience it would be...
We arrived at my cousin's house in the middle of nowhere in a beautiful forest. We had to be involved in preparing a lot of things, since it was a very very low budget wedding. Molly got the job of making sure nobody got splinters in their behind when using the toilet (which was on a little (private) hill in the woods...)

My other cousin (the groom's brother) was cooking. The menu consisted of ducks on a stick roasted over fire (you can see the tables we would eat at in the background)

...And a wild boar my cousin had shot with bow and arrow. Accidentally, his 'hunting buddy' shot off the foot... It still tasted absolutely wonderful, though!
A few hours before the wedding would start, I was asked to be the minister. The couple had been to city hall a week before and was legally married, but they wanted someone to marry them in front of their Danish, Canadian and Greenlandic friends. I was severely hungover from the day before so I hesitated a bit, but ended up doing it. The minister forgot to take off her sunglasses...

After a succesful ceremony and two 'I dos', it was time to hit the bar! These beautiful 'beer taps' caught serious fire 4 hours after this picture was taken... Everybody was so drunk they didn't care - luckily, the groom was sober and held a short break in the 'wedding night' to put out the fire...

It ended up being one of the best - and definitely the craziest - travel experiences of my life!

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