16 July 2012

Weekend; cucumber drinks and corny records

Friday was my last day at the internship, so now I'm officially on summer vacation. With a weekend of no plans, it quickly felt like vacation. But I ended up putting good use to the hours of the days...
 Sofie Amalie invited me for coffee in her apartment seriously close to mine. We met up with Melissa and talked about old times and new times.
Later, we took our bikes for a ride to Nordvest where we had heard of a good fleamarket. It turned out to be this couple who sold old things from their garage..... But it was fun taking wrong turns and ending up seeing parts of northern Copenhagen we hadn't seen before.
 They sold very corny records....
 At home, my brother and his girlfriend moved all their belongings into the apartment. They're taking over the white castle when I immigrate back to Aarhus to finish up school. So now there's a home invasion of things...
Later on Saturday, I met up with Jonas downtown. It was Bastille Day, the French national day. In front of L'Éducation Nationale they had gathered all French people in Copenhagen, they served white wine and were very silly in French. We sat on a nearby staircase and had our own little party with white wine.
Jonas tried hard to look French...
Later, we went to Vibes Apotek in Nørrebro (Ydunsgade 5). I might be the last person to discover this place, but it's amazing! A little Berlin-esque, it's all hidden and small and dark, and the bartender magically whisks something tasty together for practically no money compared to the prices just a few blocks further towards town. We had a blast talking to silly strangers who inhaled nitrous through coloured balloons.
 We went home, and Jonas played me some songs until the light started to grow outside the windows.
 Today, we had (slightly) hungover brunch at Taxa (Hørsholmsgade 32, Nørrebro) - it's actually quite good.
Tonight I met Chris for a chèvre chaud at Dyrehaven (Sønder Boulevard 72, Vesterbro) followed by a late coffee and a walk around the neighborhood.

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