09 July 2012

Rock'n'roll is here to stay

 Last week I ate breakfast out one morning. I've discovered how nice it is to go to a nearby café for breakfast, read the newspaper and slow down before going to work... Dangerous discovery.
 Tuesday I went north for dinner with old friends. And had a heartshaped brownie for dessert.
 Prior to Roskilde I glammed up the nails and ran around town with sparkly sausages.
 Wednesday, we celebrated the launch of the summer issue of the magazine by enjoying the afternoon sun in the park with beers, Danish strawberries, sugar, milk and cream. And the magazine, of course!
 The sunset that day was lovely.
 Thursday morning, I was supposed to interview someone for the magazine, but he forgot me and nobody answered either the door or the telephone. I sat on some doorsteps in a nearby street drinking coffee, trying to call him to no avail... But despite the missing man I had a good hour in the street just sitting there watching people, thinking and getting some writing done in my notebook.
 Saturday, I met Chris for brunch. It's so nice to have her back from London for the summer!
 Sunday it was summer and I hung out with Jonas walking the streets of Nørrebro, talking a lot, laughing a bit and eating ice cream beneath the blue sky.
This week is the last of my internship and I'll start putting my life back into boxes and think about the coming weeks in Europe, moving, school and stuff. Jeeze, I can't believe it's been almost a year since I left Berlin!


Ida said...

Det lyder nu også dejligt at sidde på det trappetrin, på sin egen stilfærdige måde.

karen sofie said...

Det var det også :) Klart anbefalelsesværdigt!