12 July 2012

A year

So. Tomorrow's my last official day as an intern. I know people always say this, but I seriously can't believe how fast the last year's gone by... It seems only weeks ago that I had my first day in the great building with the yellow stones. Two different intern semestres, two great places.
One of my first assignments was to go cover a rehearsal accident on the Great Belt Bridge. It was around 5 in the morning, and the sun was very beautiful as it rose up from the sea...
Got to see some trains from funny angles...
 At the magazine, my first assignment was to go interview a pig that thought it was a dog......
I wrote a story about a gaming hall in Bakken...
I went and killed a seagull with the art director.
I drank lots of poor machine coffee.
Went and saw the June issue get printed.
We had an editorial meeting outdoors back in May when it was summer.
We did a photoshoot.

Wrote a rockabilly-story for the September issue.
The other day I found an old issue of the magazine. It dates back to 1989 and I wish I could show you pictures of the inside. The old ads were hilarious!
A few weeks ago I went with a photographer to shoot photos for the main interview in the September issue.
 And I've seen issues come to life on the wall. This was the April issue.
 And May.
 And June.
 The summer issue.
 And now, the September issue is about to be finished.
Today, we went and had lunch at Aamann's (Øster Farimagsgade 10, Kbh Ø). The food was excellent - smørrebrød at its very best - but it also sadly marked the end of the journey... I've been so happy there, I couldn't imagine a better place to intern!

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