07 July 2012

Beneath the orange tent

Yes. It's been three years since my last Roskilde Festival (wow...). But you definitely don't say no to a free (oneday)ticket, especially not when it's a backstage one that lets you get into the media area where all the famous and wannabe-famous people go. I was only in the area for 10 minutes, but it was interesting enough. How Danish 'celebrities' are ridiculous with their attitudes... I prefer the 'real' festival; people that haven't showered for days, their eyes all bloodshut from all the drinking, the wobbly walks, the festival toilets, the bad food, the costumes, the music...
 Hung out in the frikadelle-booth where my father, his wife and the youngest brother works. The brother and his best friend were slaving away while my father joked around with the customers. Jeeze... But they had free beer and food - and a view of a naked race in front of the radio tent.
 The middle brother hasn't showered since last Sunday - but despite being tired and robbed he was good. And living in a tent next to some Finnish people apparently sleeping with a vodka infusion every night...
 Kristiane stopped by the booth, she was in top form!, and we headed up to the stage area where we saw Jack White.
 Around 1am, Malk de Koijn took to Orange stage, and I jumped up and down singing when they played 'Kugledans' and made the crowd go bananas.
Unfortunately, I didn't see them perform my absolut favourite of theirs; 'Å ÅÅ MÆIO' - and in the Sorte Skole edition!.....
Mette was there too, and we found each other in the crowd at Malk. Around 2,30 I was so tired I headed home. There were no taxis so I walked all the way to the station, tired tired tired. I'm getting too old for the festival thing, and I was only there for a few hours (!), but nonetheless it's always a pleasure walking around in the mud looking at drunk people feeling the festival vibe!

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