20 July 2012

New Coffee Collective

Last week, I visited the new Coffee Collective shop in Frederiksberg. It's no surprise that I think their coffee's the best in town, and I wasn't disappointed. Chris, my coffee date, and I had a little tasting - the feature of the new place is serving the coffee as tastes. So the menu holds no latte or americano, instead there's a thurough description of the beans and notes making sure you get the coffee you like. Chris and I tried the same bean, but roasted differently. And it was fun tasting the difference in the two roasts. The decor of the place is classic Scandinavian, beautiful wooden furnitures, industrial lamps and Politiken on the table. And the whole place is located in an old sign-factory. No wonder I'm already in love with that place.... Go go go! (Godthåbsvej 34B, Frederiksberg)
 A light and a dark version.
 Window love...
 They have a killer roasting machine in the back. The shop and the roastery is divided by a huge glasswall so you can see the roasting while you sip your coffee.

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