03 July 2012

The observer

Apparently, Danish people either go to Tivoli or to Bakken. My family did the former, and so we never saw Cirkusrevyen (a satiric show that plays all summer at Bakken and have done so since the 1930s). Yesterday, I did both. Sort of. I went with a photographer that had to photograph one of the cast for the magazine, and I was there to watch. It was interesting; like a family, and they were all very nice. People I've seen in TV since I can remember were just sitting there, smoking, asking me questions, and it felt very homey. Their children and grandchildren were there, they had their pictures on the walls, and everyone called each other 'honey'. I saw some of the show from behind the scenes peaking out to the stage through the curtains, making sure I didn't stand in the way when the actors rushed off stage.
As I haven't been at Bakken so much I never realised how truly lovely it is out there. I definitely have to return more often in the summertime!

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