28 July 2012

Trip of my life: Guestblogger #4 Tankespinderier

Last but not least in the guestblogging department this time around is Ida. Although we share friends, met briefly in Berlin and go to school together, our friendship began in the blog world. Ida writes a very personal blog giving a good glimpse into the sometimes clashing world of a journalist/musician, always drizzled with beautiful and quirky photos and thoughts, points of view and points that stick with you for a long time. This time she takes us to Berlin - of course:
I have a great love for Karen Sofie’s blog. Her aesthetic love of buildings and cities is one I share, and I find the way she captures it with images and words just endearing, honest and beautiful.
We also have a fierce love for (good) coffee. But these are not the only things we share, as I have just (like in a few days ago!) moved back from Berlin where I’ve been living the past six months. The city we both adore – I even work(ed) the same place as KS, as we’re both studying to become journalists.
So when she asked me if I wanted to write a guest blog-entry, I didn’t hesitate. But her pick of topic has brought me some trouble: I love to travel, but when I think of it, it’s something that I rarely do. Because I’m a putz when it comes to money, so I never have the cheese to do it. My most memorable travels are sunlit childhood memories; from family-crowded boat trips, days on end at the summerhouse, swimming in pools and beaches in southern Europe, staring at the Milky Way & hearing wolves cry in Canada. Great and wonderful memories… But I can’t combine a recent great travel with photographs – so instead I’ll tell of a different kind of travel. The one I’ve just ended/begun…
Living in Berlin has been an age long dream of mine. I made the arrangements over a year ago to move down and begin work in February 2012. I had so many ideas of what would happen, and barely any have come true: I didn’t get to hear enough music; I didn’t get to meet enough people, didn’t party long enough, or write enough music or words.
But that’s life – right? So many unexpected things happened instead. Just before I left, my love and I got together and have been aching these past six months apart, as our love has grown even stronger - and still is.
My dearly beloved grandmother passed away. I did say my goodbye, but because of Berlin I wasn’t there to hold her hand when she left this world, and it pains me still.
My band released a critically acclaimed record, and I missed out on the thrill of reading great reviews with the band, celebrating – instead I got them per text.
Playing a lot of concerts in Denmark was amazing but tiresome, travelling back and forth, but that brought me back to that growing bond with my J, so I welcomed them, even though they drained my finances and my excess energy.
As a former (once a, always a) food-writer, I’d looked forward to eating out in Berlin, but lack of money made me stay in. Luckily the food in grocery stores was inexpensive and of great quality. I mean, a giant watermelon for €1?! Oh Denmark, why are you so expensive?
And eating in isn’t that bad – with a view like this…
… and outside cosiness like this…
… I didn’t have a half-bad spring/summer in Berlin.
I improved my English, both written and oral…
… and that was essentially the point of my stay in Berlin. This time around. For one thing is certain: I am going to live in Berlin again at some point. My love for Copenhagen has been set in stone; it is truly where my heart is – in many ways. But Berlin will be a part of my life in the future. So there will be more music, more friends, more writing, and more love with and in Berlin. I can’t wait. But for now, my next travel will be from my old home in Copenhagen to my new… short in distance, but great in significance.

Ida Kys. 

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